Recode has compiled a list of things you can do for your baby’s 1st birthday.

Recode’s Kara Swisher and co-host Kara Swierczak have compiled a guide to what to wear to your baby girl’s 1 st birthday party.


Play with her hair.

If you can, make sure you put a dollop of the hair gel into a baggie of hair gel and toss it into the trash.


Watch her get dressed.

You can try to make your baby dance, which you can watch live on YouTube, but this will not work if she is wearing a head covering.

You will have to teach her to do this herself.


Make a baby clock.

Make your own baby clock and make it small enough that you can fit it into your bag.

It will take you two minutes to assemble.


Go to your favorite mall or grocery store.

Some malls offer baby-friendly events.

They include Baby’s First Night, Baby’s Birthday Party, and Baby’s Grand Opening.

You might want to add a party to your list to keep baby-free.

You may also want to check out some other baby-related events that are held around the world.

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