A look back at all the shirts that have gone viral on social media in the past month

Football Italian, home of La Gazzetta dello Sport, has been the site of a few great social media trends this year. 

One of the most notable came when a brand of football shirts called the Azzurri shirts went viral, with fans using the hashtag #Azzurrini, a reference to the Italian word for “Azzuri”.

The shirt, which was initially designed for a World Cup qualifier in Brazil, has now been viewed over 6 million times on the website. 

Azzurus are the most popular shirt in Italy, with a shirt sold on the Azzi website selling for around €50. 

The shirt is currently available for sale on the market, with the Aizzurri brand also selling them in stores for around 150 euros ($175).

However, fans are not only using the shirts to show their support for their favourite teams, they are also using them to express their love for the team. 

With a shirt in circulation that features a picture of a fan and a team logo, the Azza shirts have become a common sight in the capital, with other football shirts, including the Milan City and Juventus shirts, being used to show support for the other teams. 

Many of the Azurri jerseys have become popular among fans, with several shirts even being sold in the market. 

Some of the popular shirts in Italy: Milan City -AzzuRini (Azzuria shirt) Milana -Azurrin (Azuria shirt, shirt sold by Azzuria) Juventus -Aza (Aza shirt)Lazio -Azza (Azza shirt)AP