A new fashion trend is making life in the city much more affordable – and that means a lot more clothes for less

A new trend is changing the way we buy clothes in cities around the world. 

It’s called gacha clothes and it’s changing how people get to work, play and explore. 

We spoke to two designers about the trend. 

One said it was a “major” change in life for people.

The other said it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

“Gacha is the biggest thing in the world right now,” says designer, Kim Stacey, “but it’s just the beginning.”

The Gacha fashion craze started in Korea, where it’s made a name for itself as an unofficial fashion trend for the country’s booming middle class.

In the US, gacha has taken off and is now a popular trend among young people, with young men, for example, flocking to stores in droves.

The trend has been a success in China, where fashion companies have started to offer gacha as a way to make ends meet.

There are now several gacha shops in Shanghai, the largest city in the country.

In Japan, there are gacha-themed stores like koi bars, which are often popular in the capital Tokyo. 

In Singapore, gauras are also popular.

“We’ve seen that gacha is really popular, and it has been getting a lot of attention in Asia, and I think it’s a great trend for our culture,” says Kato Miyamoto, the chief executive officer of New World Gauras. 

“We’re trying to help people find good places to shop, because it’s very hard to find good clothes, and gacha provides a way of saving money.”

But it’s not just the fashion industry that is using gacha. 

New York’s fashion designer, Alessandro Michele, told us gauraks are also being used in the US to help pay for rent, travel and rent out apartments. 

The fashion designer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for gaurakis, which costs $10 per pair.

“It’s kind of like paying for a new car, but instead of a new battery, it’s paying for rent,” Michele said.

“And we think this is a really important way to save money.” 

Gaurakas are popular in New York City, but not everywhere.

“The reason why it is popular in NYC is because it is very cheap, and also because it has a great feel,” said designer, Sarah Kollmann, of the fashion boutique, Bikini Belly, in Manhattan.

“When I was growing up in NYC, it was very expensive to live in.

It was not a good place to raise kids.

And you know how it is: you get to school and then you get home and you are like, ‘Oh my God, I have to go out for dinner’.”

And there’s a certain element of desperation about living in New Jersey, where there are no restaurants or bars to go to and the city is pretty empty.

“There are places that are just very much like, you know, New York or LA or Tokyo or Paris, but the food is really different,” said Kollman. 

Kollmann is also looking to expand her shop into an all-night space, so she can be open all day. 

But the trend is not confined to New York. 

A few months ago, a group of New York gauraking artists were visiting New York for the first time, and there were gaurakis being sold for $15,000 each in the Manhattan area.

“I think there’s something really exciting about this whole idea of gauraki and gaurakin,” said Michele.

“Especially for young people because they want to try new things and see what they can do with the clothes they’re wearing. 

They want to experience something different and get a taste of something different.”

For Michele, it feels good to have this new trend growing in the States.

“You know, we’ve had some of the biggest trends around, but for us, this is really the beginning,” she said. 

So far, there is only one gaurake in New Zealand, but it has attracted attention and has been noticed by designers in other countries, including New York and Paris. 

With the right people, it could change the way people look at fashion and make a big impact on the way fashion is made and sold in other cities.

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