A birthday gift for a 10-year-old girl is going to the best-selling designer of children’s fashion.

The “Chico” clothing collection by the designer is being sold in stores, on Instagram and through his website, for $150.

( And while Chico has not announced an exact date, it will be available at select department stores, such as Target, through the end of July.)

Chico’s clothing is available in two styles: Kids T-shirt and Kids Trousers, both of which have a cotton and silk base.

The shirts are designed to be worn under clothing, while the trousers and pants are designed for wear underneath.

The $150 “Chicano” clothing, which is the first in the Chico Collection, will be sold at Target stores and online through the company’s website.

Chico will also be offering the “Chi Chi” collection at select stores, as well as a selection of “Chicanos” from other designers.

He will be offering this collection through Instagram, as part of his “Chics” campaign, which aims to help kids around the world embrace their heritage.

“I feel that my Chico’s collection represents the beauty and strength of the Chicano community,” he said in a statement.

“I wanted to give back to the Chicana community by creating a piece that celebrates our heritage and offers a modern twist on traditional Mexican clothing.”

While Chico is selling his clothing through his own website, the Chicano collection is available through many online retailers, including Amazon, where he has about 400 items available.

He has also posted items for sale through eBay, where buyers can also find items for $40 or less.

A Facebook post that has since been deleted said Chico will be adding more Chicanos to his collection, but did not provide details.

The new collection will not be available in Canada.

(A spokesperson for Chico told The Globe and Mail he does not plan on making it available there.)

Chicos have a long history in the United States.

The country’s largest ethnic group, Mexican Americans, trace their roots back to Spanish explorers who brought their native culture with them to the New World.

The term Chicano was coined by Chicano leaders, who said they identify with the Chicanas and are “born in this land.”

The name “Chicheano” comes from the Chichicans themselves, and the word comes from their traditional language, a language that has been spoken for millennia.

The name comes from a town in Texas that has its own version of the word, and is also known as the “chicano-texas” in the state.