The government of Australia is considering banning all catsuits and other cat suits in the country, after complaints from citizens.

A letter was sent to all retailers of cat suits and other clothing products, saying it is a safety hazard and a source of stress to staff.

The letter was signed by the Prime Minister, the Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and the Minister of Finance.

“As we are aware of the public health concerns surrounding the production of cat products, we are reviewing the existing cat products,” the letter said.

The letter also said it is not a coincidence that Australia has become a source for cat suits.

“Australia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural habitats, including great wildlife, and cat products can pose a health risk to the environment,” the letters read.

“Cat products contain a range of dangerous chemicals, and can cause respiratory problems, skin irritations, skin lesions and skin damage.”

The letter did not give details on what products will be banned, but the government said it will take into account the concerns of all affected retailers.

“While we understand that some retailers may be hesitant to sell products that are not safe to wear, we encourage them to consider their options and consider how the product might affect the environment or the wellbeing of staff,” the government’s statement said.

Australia’s largest retailer, Zara, said it has no plans to change its cat suits, and has not received a formal letter.

Australia is the fourth country to ban all cat suits (though Canada has banned cat suits).

The country’s cat suits were once seen as a fashionable fashion accessory, with designer labels ranging from Marc Jacobs to Ralph Lauren.

But in recent years, the industry has become heavily regulated and the industry is struggling to stay relevant.

“We have to look at the environment and what we are doing to maintain that environment and the quality of life of the staff,” Victoria’s Environment Minister Lisa Neville said in May.

“So if it becomes a source that’s putting us in a precarious position, that’s something that we have to address.”

Zara said it takes the safety of its staff and customers very seriously and has been making changes to protect their health and safety.

“Zara has a long history of testing, and we always have been in close contact with our staff and with our customers,” spokeswoman Emily Fergusson said in an email.

“Our cat suits comply with all applicable regulations, and our testing team is working closely with other agencies in the supply chain to ensure our suppliers are compliant and safe.”

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