On Wednesday, the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign accused Sanders of “lying” when he asserted that his “friends” on Wall Street were not bigots and that “if you’re a bigot, you shouldn’t be a senator.”

In response, the campaign also took to Twitter to claim that the Vermont senator had called out Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson for having “anti-Semitic” views.

The campaign also noted that Sanders has “long called for the dismantling of Wall Street” and called out the billionaire for “sending millions of dollars to his super PAC, Priorities USA Action, which has been used to support anti-Semitic candidates and groups.”

But the Sanders campaign has been pushing back against the charge that Sanders is anti-Semitism.

In a statement on Wednesday, a Sanders campaign spokesperson said, “Sanders has never said that anyone on Wall St. should be fired for having a pro-Israel view, nor has he ever called for a tax increase to pay for it.

He has never called for Israel to be wiped off the map, nor to attack the Palestinians.”

“He has not been a supporter of the BDS movement and has opposed it from the start,” the statement continued.

“Sanders supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which seeks to isolate Israel and isolate it economically.

He does not oppose the Palestinian state and has always supported peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”

The Sanders campaign also pointed to a statement made by a Sanders staffer, Ben Smith, on Wednesday.

“The campaign did not hire Ben Smith to represent us,” the campaign said.

“He is a passionate advocate for a fair and just world.”

The campaign went on to note that “Ben Smith was hired by the Sanders’ campaign because of his history of supporting pro-Palestine causes and because of what he saw as his personal commitment to the Sanders presidential campaign.

Ben Smith has called on Bernie Sanders to stop ‘playing the victim’ by accusing the Jewish community of ‘anti-Semitism.'”

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