CryptoCoin news roundup: #CryptoCoin hits $0.1 million milestone in $6,000 BTC bounty

CryptoCoin is poised to hit $0,1 million in BTC bounty, according to CoinMarketCap, with more than half the bounty coming from investors who donated more than $10,000 in bitcoin.

CoinMarketCat reports that a total of 8,000 people donated $10 million to the CryptoCoin bounty program.

Coin is still on track to hit its milestone in the first half of the year.

Coin’s BTC bounty is one of several that are in the $6 million range, and more will be coming.

The bounties come on top of other bounties that have been launched, including the $100,000 Bitcoin for Education and $100 million for Bitcoin for Women program.

The Bitcoin for Health program will reward people with $25,000 if they take part in a clinical trial.

More details will be available in a new post tomorrow. 

Coin has now surpassed $10 billion in daily transactions, according the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index. 

It was the first ICO to reach $1 billion in value and the largest cryptocurrency fund in history. 

The CoinDesk CryptoCoin Bounty Program is the first to offer an incentive for people to invest in CryptoCoin, which the company says is a more secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency.

The bounty is offered for one year with a maximum value of $10.50, which covers the full bounty, plus an additional $500 if the bounty was exceeded. 

There are two levels of participation in the bounty program: a full-time employee of Coin, a full time employee of an accredited institution, or anyone who is eligible to participate.

The company says that, for the first year, Coin will pay a bounty of $500 per day. 

In addition, Coin is also offering a bounty program for anyone who has a registered account with the company.

Coin says it is seeking a total number of 1,000,000 active users, and a minimum of 250,000 total transactions daily. 

Anyone who wants to participate in the CryptoCoins Bounty Program can do so by sending a letter to Coin at the following address: BTC: 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