As the party is forced to confront the realities of a new political reality, the Trump era is turning its attention to the summer months.

Here’s a look at how the Republican Party is turning to summer clothing, from Ivanka Trump to Hillary Clinton.

Ivanka Trump, who is the president’s daughter and senior adviser, is the latest high-profile fashion designer to launch a fashion line, featuring a wide range of styles including blouses, dresses, and skirts.

The brand also includes a range of accessories.

The clothing line is available online and in stores.

The first line of Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing was released this week, in the fall.

It’s an effort to take a look back on what she called her “fierce summer” of 2016.

Ivanka Trump’s summer style: The Trump brand has a wide array of clothing lines available online, in stores, and at retail outlets.

Here is the full line-up of Ivanka’s summer line.

What’s in the line?

The collection, which has an online store, features a range from blouses and skirts to blouses with cuffs and bows.

It also includes three styles of pants, two styles of shorts, and one style of tank top.

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For example, in an Instagram post, Ivanka wrote that the new clothing line, “is an effort by Ivanka to show her strong love of my country and the way she and her family love to wear our country’s flag, the American flag.”

Ivanka also posted a photo of herself in a skirt.

She wrote: “I am wearing the American Flag skirt.

It was so beautiful, it felt like I was dancing with my friends, like I had a blast.

Thank you so much, @realDonaldTrump!


Ivanks fashion line also includes accessories such as a necklace and earrings.

A tweet from Ivanka said: “This summer, I hope we all look like the best people we can be, with our bright colors and bold style.


The Trump campaign released a statement that said the collection is “a celebration of our wonderful country, with an emphasis on how strong our nation is and how we can continue to be the strongest, most patriotic people in the world.”

It also includes the slogan, “America First,” which Trump has used to promote his policies, and is intended to be a rallying cry for his supporters.

Ivanka has a long history of clothing, and was a frequent guest on television shows like The View.

She is also known for her philanthropic work, including the Clinton Foundation.

Her fashion line is not the first time the Trump family has embraced summer clothing.

In 2016, Ivanka posted a video of herself wearing a pink sweater and jeans, with the caption, “The Summer of Ivanka.”

In 2016, the fashion brand, Trump’s namesake, donated $2 million to the American Red Cross.

“This summer we want to remind the world how grateful we are for the support we have received and for the outpouring of love and kindness,” she said in the video.

“We are going to wear the same sweater every day for the next six months, and we are going on a world tour.

And we’re going to put out a line of new summer clothes.

And I hope everyone, every American, wears them.”

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