The future of fashion is coming to a clothing store near you.

And it looks like the trend is for men’s and women’s clothes.

Next BigFuture, the online clothing retailer, has announced a partnership with Lululemon Athletica, which has a store in New York City.

NextBigFuture said Lululesa has launched its new Lulalex clothing line, with new styles such as jeans, shirts and hoodies.

The company said it plans to launch a line of Men’s and Women’s clothing in the fall.

Lulula has also partnered with Dov Charney, who also owns a fashion store in Manhattan.

A few months ago, Lululi launched its first women’s line, which is called the Lulolex.

The brand is selling t-shirts, pants, hoodies and more.

And Next Big Futures announced a deal with Gap Inc. and Lulululemets in partnership with Gap, which will sell Lulalumets and LULALUMETES T-shirts in stores throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Gap also said the brand is launching a new line of men’s apparel, which it will sell in the U., U.K. and Canada.

NextBits, the parent company of Next Big News, is also partnering with Gap to launch Lulu and Lulsa, the company said. 

NextBigFuture also announced a tie-up with Gap and other retailers.

The apparel company announced a new partnership with the retailer that it will start selling its new line in the Fall. 

“We have an incredibly passionate team at Next Big,” NextBites CEO and founder Ben Jelena said in a statement.

“We believe in the power of social and community and we believe that by working together, we can make a difference in the lives of people in need.”

The Next BigTrend partnership is not the first to offer fashion and lifestyle products in the retail space.

Gap launched a line in 2014 with a similar approach, and in 2015, the Gap Kids store at the Mall of America launched the LULulemites clothing line.

Gap said it also partnered up with fashion designer Calvin Klein in October. 

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