A clothes steamed machine has the potential to revolutionise how people wash their clothes and make a lot of money.

The new machine, called the ‘Cup Machine’ and named after the Chinese word for cup, was unveiled by New Scientist magazine.

It is a machine that will make clothes steams at home for $200 a pop.

New Scientist magazine explains the machine, which has a cooling system and a pump that takes care of a small amount of liquid, by saying:The ‘Cups’ can then be heated and cooled with a thermostat, using the heat coming from the cooling system to power the pump.

It can also be used for washing clothes, which means you could use it for a regular washing cycle, or you could turn it into a steam boiler for use as a bath or shower.

In a similar way to a washing machine, the ‘Machine’ has a large capacity, but unlike a washing cart, which can take about two to three times as much water to wash a garment, the cup machine will take one to three liters.

This means you can make about 1,000 to 1,500 washing cups in an hour.

It will also be able to boil water for about four hours.

So how does it work?

The machine is powered by a two-cylinder engine that pumps water from a tap to a boiler in the centre of the cup, where it cools the liquid.

The machine can also operate in hot weather, as its design allows for a constant flow of steam from the water.

The machines design is simple.

It’s just a cylinder with a small hole in the side to hold a water bottle.

The water is pumped through the small hole, then a valve is installed at the bottom of the hole to allow the steam to escape, where the water can then flow through the other end of the cylinder, which in turn turns a valve to cool the steam.

The design is clever, with a series of tiny holes that run down the length of the machine.

They make it very easy to add and remove parts.

The cup machine can handle a maximum of 100 washing cups at a time.

The ‘Machine’s creator is a Chinese-Australian woman called Xingli Zhang, who started the company in 2010 and has since grown it to a US$1.5 billion business.

She says she wanted to create a product that would “bring people back to the idea of washing by hand”.

“I’ve been in this business for 25 years and the concept is very simple,” she says.

“It is a simple machine that allows us to wash the clothes that we own and to make clothes for a living.”

She adds:The machine has three basic functions: a heating system to heat up water to boil for cooking, a pump to turn the water into steam, and a steam turbine to control the steam output.

It’s not the most efficient machine, as the machines cooling system uses heat to heat the water, which then has to be transferred to a coolant reservoir.

The heat is then used to make steam.

But the machine’s cooling system is so powerful that it can cool a washing tub in under an hour, as well as a washing basin in three hours.

When it comes to making money, Zhang says the machine can help her keep her business going and that she thinks she could make money from it as well.

“If I could keep my business alive by making money through this machine, that would be great,” she said.

“I think this will really help the people who have lost their jobs.”

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