The first thing to do when you’re about to get your period is to cover your entire head and neck.

But this isn’t something that happens in a vacuum.

There are a few ways to do it and they’ll be a big help if you want to stop having to wear a head covering during your period.

Head coverings during menstruating The head coverings can be anything from a light, fluffy piece of cloth to a full face covering, depending on the season.

A head covering in the summer, for example, can be a light pink wool cap or a dark wool jacket.

This means that when you get the chance to get the sun in, you can wear the covering underneath your hat and your shirt.

The most important thing to remember when you go for a period is that the covering must be completely covering your entire body.

You can wear it for as long as you like, but it has to be completely covered.

This is because your body will absorb the sun and your head will be covered by the covering, which will make it harder for the sun to reach your face.

If you have a head scarf, make sure you cover your face as well, otherwise it may catch the light.

To make it easier to wear, try to wear your head coverages while you’re walking or running and if you need to use the bathroom, take it off when you have to go to the toilet.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to covering your head during menstruous.

If your head is covered in the winter, it can look quite strange because it will be a bit harder for your face to get a full view of your body.

If the sun is shining on your face during the month, you’ll have to cover it up and make it look as though you’re hiding.

If this happens, you may have to use a mask for the rest of the month to stop the sun shining on you.

For most people, covering up the whole body is enough to prevent sunburn, but there are other reasons you may want to cover up your head.

You may need a mask when you do your shopping, for instance, to protect yourself from sunburn while you pick up something at the store.

Or you may just like to look your best, but if you’re in a rush, you might want to wear something like a scarf or a pair of sunglasses.

Make sure you wear your face coverings when you wear the coverings, and keep a few layers of them around.

When it comes down to it, covering your body is a lot more fun than hiding it, so don’t forget about it if you can.

If all else fails, you could always wear your coverings to your favourite shop and have them take your picture.

But you should always wear them when you walk to and from the shop.

If they’re uncomfortable, it may be best to cover them up and keep them in the trunk of your car.