Clothing stores in Washington, DC, are offering discounts on Fox merchandise.

The discount will be available for the first time on Thursday, June 29, at most retailers, but you can find it online and in stores.

Here are some of the stores offering the savings:Fox Stores, at 4201 Pennsylvania Ave.

NW, will save 50% off the new Fox X-L shirts.

Fox Kids Clothing, at 1601 Connecticut Ave.

SE, will offer a 50% discount on all Fox clothing, shirts, pants and shoes.

The discount is for the new X-Line line of Fox shirts and hoodies, which feature more than 50% recycled fabric.

It also applies to Fox Clothing and Fox Kids apparel.

You can also find it on the Fox Kids Store at 1600 Connecticut Ave., NW.

Amazon will offer 50% cash back on Fox apparel.

Fox Kids Stores, located at 1501 Connecticut Avenue SE, has a 30% discount and will also offer a 10% cash rebate on Fox X shirts.