There’s nothing like a rainbow-themed party in your life, and now you can be a part of a brand new wave of rainbow-friendly apparel that’s coming your way.

The Huffington Post recently released a video with the help of a company called Rainbow Couture that showcases the latest in the apparel trend.

The company is selling an array of rainbow clothing that will help you stand out from the crowd, including outfits that include a bunny, a unicorn, and even a rainbow unicorn.

The rainbow clothing has been inspired by the likes of the Harry Potter and the Star Wars movie series and the Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog, which was released in July, 2016.

Here are some of the most popular pieces from the Rainbow Coutour collection.1.

Bunny dress with rainbow trimmings and a princess tiaraA bunny dress is a stylish choice for the summer.

The rainbow trims the dress to reveal a tiara and bunny ears, creating an elegant, colorful and versatile piece.

It also includes a princess ribbon, so you can wear it with a princess tiaras.2.

Ponytail dress with a rainbow ribbon and bunny trimmersA ponytail dress is perfect for the fall or winter.

The ribbon and trimmer creates a soft, romantic look.3.

Black and white dress with bunny ears and rainbow trimmerA black and white floral dress can make a stylish, fall or summer outfit.

The trimmered dress is available in black or white and includes a ribbon and a bunny trimmer.4.

Snowflake dress with ribbon and rabbit trimmer A snowflake dress features a ribbon trimmed with a bunny or unicorn trimmer, creating a fall-winter look.5.

Pink and white bunny dress with rabbit trimmeringPink and white trimmerettes are available for purchase, and they feature rabbit ears and a rainbow trim.6.

Rainbow dress with unicorn trimmERrp.

Just when you thought you had it all covered, this rainbow-inspired dress features unicorn trimmers.7.

Bunny hat with rainbow ribbonA bunny hat with a white ribbon and rainbow trim is perfect if you want to blend in.8.

Bunny scarf with rainbow and bunny trimAnother one of those looks that will go down as one of the coolest things to ever happen.

The bunny scarf with a rabbit trim and rainbow is a chic look that will look great paired with a fluffy jumper.9.

Bunny shirt with bunny trimA bunny shirt with a pink and white ribbon trimmer adds a sparkle to your outfit.10.

Bunny shorts with rainbow trimThis is a must-have for the spring and summer, as well as for the holiday season.

This pink and gray shorts are a perfect option for spring and fall.11.

Bunny skirt with rainbow, bunny and unicorn trimERSy.

The cut of this skirt has a bunny stripe and a unicorn trims on it.12.

Bunny pajamasA bunny pajama is the perfect way to show off the colors and trims of your outfit and keep them stylish.13.

Bunny sweater with rainbow stripesERSy, the stripes are on the back of the sweater.14.

Pink bunny skirt with bunny trimmersA pink bunny skirt has bunny trim on it and a rabbit stripe on the front.15.

Rainbow pajagona with rainbow-trim bunny trimsA pink pajamgaze is the ultimate way to dress up your holiday outfit.16.

Rainbow sweater with bunny and unicorns trimsThis sweater is a little bit of everything.

The pink trims give the sweater a bit of sparkle, and the unicorns add an extra bit of color to the look.17.

Black bunny pendant with rainbow motifThe black bunny pendants with rainbow patterns are perfect for spring.18.

Rainbow ribbon with bunny hairTrim your hair with a black ribbon and the bunny hair adds a little sparkle.19.

Black rabbit shirt with unicorn hairTrimming the hair adds the perfect touch of color, as does the unicorn trimming.20.

Black hairclip with rainbow hairtrimThis hairclip features a unicorn and a black trimmer that makes it perfect for summer.21.

Rainbow hair necklace with unicorn, bunny, and unicorn hairtrimsA rainbow hair necklace is an all-encompassing way to add some sparkle and style to your look.22.

Bunny ponytail and rainbow hairTrimmers are available in white and black, and are perfect to wear with a ponytail.23.

Rainbow rabbit hoodie with unicorn trimTrimmering a rabbit and a unicorn trimmer gives the hoodie a pop of color.24.

Rainbow hat with bunny, unicorn, rabbit hairTrimmers are available with or without bunny hairtrimmers.25.

Rainbow shirt with rabbit hairtrimmersThis rainbow shirt has rabbit trim on the side and bunny hair trim on top.26.

Rainbow skirt