Target girls’ clothes are actually cheaper than the clothing on sale at other major retailers, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Consumer Reports.

The study found that the average size for a girl’s clothes was 4.7 inches from the bottom of the shoulder to the hem, which is significantly smaller than the size of a typical dress.

Target sells the same size for about the same price, which means the average girl can find cheaper clothes at the store than they can find at a department store.

Target’s new size recommendations are a huge step forward for a retailer that has had to deal with an aging and shrinking demographic, the study said.

“The best thing about Target’s sizing guidelines is they’ve got all the right ingredients to make our customers feel great about themselves and their fashion,” said Elizabeth C. Smith, vice president for consumer insights at Target.

“And Target is leading the way for the industry.”

Target has been under fire in recent months over its size recommendations for clothing.

The company recently announced it would make women’s clothing in larger sizes available to those with large shoulders, and in January, it unveiled a new range of women’s apparel designed specifically for women who are tall.

While some have criticized the company for making its size and fit guidelines the focus of its marketing, Target has maintained that the brand is not promoting obesity.

Target has long offered a variety of sizes for its men’s clothing.

In July, it announced a new size range, the Small-Chested Men’s Collection, which includes a variety different sizes from 5XL to 7XL.

Target is also launching a new women’s collection in the fall.

The size guidelines for Target’s men’s and women’s collections are different.

Target said it is targeting women between the ages of 20 and 34 who are at least 5 feet tall and have a BMI of 25 or higher.

The brand said it will also offer a range of sizes and fits for women with other body types, from slim to normal to very slim, under 25 and up to 30.

Target also has announced a range for its women’s clothes for men.

Target will be offering sizes from 7XL to 10XL, while it also said it would be offering a 10XL-XXL women’s range.

The new size guidelines are aimed at women who have been in the business for at least a decade and have worn Target’s clothes, but the company is not trying to push its women-only sizes on them.

Target says it’s trying to create a new culture of comfort and confidence in the apparel it sells.

“Target is trying to do something that we haven’t seen before with clothing: We’re giving people the ability to wear whatever they want in the way they want to wear it,” said Kimberly V. DeMartini, Target’s chief marketing officer, in an interview with the Associated Press.

Target launched the new sizing guidelines last year and said it was adding new sizing categories and sizes for men and women.

It said it expects the new sizes and styles to be popular among customers.

Target plans to roll out the new guidelines this fall, including in stores, and it said it plans to announce the new size and style recommendations in December.