The Weirdness Machines is an annual conference that brings together the most innovative thinkers and artists from the arts and technology communities to share their ideas and visions.

The conference is a gathering place for the worlds most innovative minds to collaborate, explore and build on each other’s work.

The Weirdest Stuff at The Weirdfest 2016 is an array of weird and wonderful ideas.

Here’s what we got this year.1.

Weirdness, by Daniel P. Smith This is the best article we could find for a “WTF” title, so we’ve given it a pass.

A fascinating book about how we are seeing more and more weird things in our daily lives.

This year, we took a look at how our obsession with technology and information has brought us to the point where we have become addicted to information.

We saw how we use technology as a way to escape reality, but also how we create and control our own reality.

This is a fascinating book that has deep implications for our future, and the future of our civilization.2.

Unmasking Your Inner Self, by John Baez and Jonathan P. Anderson The book explores the ways we can discover the truth about ourselves and our place in the universe.

In the process, it asks, what does it mean to be an “inner self” in this moment?

It’s a fun book that can be both a deep reflection on how we can be better human beings, and also a celebration of the power of self-knowledge.3.

The Strange, the Weird, and a Strange Future, by Michael F. Smith The book is a meditation on the nature of the world and how we have lost control of it.

In it, Smith explores the idea that “we are the universe” and that the future is unpredictable.

He explains how technology can create the illusion of predictability, but in reality is a very unstable force, and as the book shows, it’s the unpredictability that makes us vulnerable to the dark forces of nature.4.

We Are Everywhere, by Jonathan P