By now, you have probably noticed that you can buy a whole lot of new clothes.

I’ve noticed the same thing when I go out with friends and I buy a lot of dresses and jackets.

When I’m out with my friends, we all wear our best clothes and we all buy the most expensive clothes.

This is what happens to our clothes.

I buy them because I want to look fashionable.

And, when I get sick, I buy the clothes I want.

This happens even when I am out with good friends.

It happens to me on a daily basis, even if I’m not feeling ill.

It happens to my mother, my father, my siblings.

I am sick, but my mother and father will buy whatever is available to them.

And the clothes they buy will make it even more expensive for me.

And so on.

The only time my mother does not buy anything is when she is pregnant.

My mother always buys the clothes she wants, and she has the money for the clothes, too.

But when I have a fever or a cough or a cold or some kind of infection, my mother is not buying the clothes.

She is not giving her money to buy the same clothes she used to buy.

Why does my mother buy expensive clothes?

I do not know.

She buys clothes for the same reason that I buy expensive shoes: She wants to look fancy.

She does not want to be perceived as someone who is buying clothes because she wants to be seen as someone buying clothes.

When my mother gets sick, she is not trying to look good.

She wants me to feel good.

And I don’t want to feel bad about wearing expensive clothes, either.

I don, too, feel bad.

Is my mother buying expensive clothes because of her family’s wealth?


I do think it’s because she is trying to be nice to me.

My mother bought expensive clothes so that I would look like a good person.

It’s just that I don