I am an international student in Tokyo.

I was born in the US and now live in Japan.

In the years that followed, I was raised by my parents in the Philippines.

My mom was a school teacher and my dad was a lawyer.

They had a small family.

I never really understood the difference between family and friends, but my mom did.

My parents were hard-working, caring people.

They paid for everything with savings and my mother gave it to me.

I learned to be thankful for this.

In my 20s, I went to a prestigious Japanese university.

After two years, I got a degree in international development and then moved to London to work for a multinational.

My first job was at the World Bank.

Then I went back to Japan and spent my last two years working in Japan’s health care system.

I got my master’s degree in economics and politics from Kyoto University and then became a foreign policy analyst for a Japanese government think tank.

I became a journalist in my 30s and a diplomat in my 40s.

I have spent the last decade trying to understand what I do, who I am, what my purpose is.

The answers have not been easy.

My answers have often come from a place of suspicion, of suspicion that I am somehow selfish.

That suspicion is why I am trying to be a more open person in my life.

The more I have learned about myself and the more I am able to reveal it to others, the more it has changed me.

When I was in college, I didn’t really think about what I was doing.

I thought I would just be a part-time student.

I worked at a local bank and studied to be an accountant.

I started saving.

I used to tell myself that I would never save more than I needed for the month and that I wouldn’t do it if I had a rainy day.

In reality, I did save more, but I was a little scared of what would happen if I went out and made too much money.

I had the impression that if I did that, I would not be able to live on it.

I tried to save, but it was not a priority for me.

It was a problem I couldn’t fix.

In Japan, if you want to save money, you have to spend it.

There are no savings accounts, no savings bonds.

There is no savings account where you can withdraw money to buy something, no saving account where the money can be withdrawn at any time.

You have to earn it.

When you work, you are earning.

You are working for your employer.

You earn money from your job.

But at the end of the day, the money you earn is just money.

It is not something you can live on, or something that will provide you with a decent future.

So I worked hard, and I worked until I was broke.

At the end, I tried again, and this time I had more money.

But it was a different story altogether.

I didn to save because I thought that if it happened again, I wouldn´t be able do anything about it.

But I am a better person because I have been honest with myself.

I am honest about what is going on with my life, about my career, my personal finances, and about my friends and family.

So what is it about my life that makes me such a bad person?

I am still a bad parent.

I think that my parents are selfish.

I do not understand how they think they can control my life and my choices.

When they make me work for their company, I am not happy about that.

I can be too picky when it comes to spending money.

My husband is a hard worker, and my job requires a lot of work.

He takes care of us both, so he has a lot to be happy about.

I don´t think he is selfish.

We are not good at keeping money under control.

I work hard at making money.

So my husband is my main source of income.

I would like to work in a company where there is a lot more money to be made, where there are lots of people with whom to work, where the company does not have to pay me to be there.

I wish there was some way to make money, but there is not.

I hope that I will eventually earn enough money to have a decent life.

I just do not have that option.

I love my family, and the only reason I am happy about this situation is that I have a lot.

When my husband dies, I want to keep some of the money he had given me.

If I can get that money, I will be happy.

I could not understand the reason why I wanted to save.

I feel like a selfish person.

I want more money, because I love the money I get.

But then I wonder, why should I save

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