Women’s pants are about to get a makeover.

And they’re not even the only ones getting a makeup upgrade.

A slew of products will also be making the jump.

Here’s how it all works: The latest trends in women’s clothing and accessories are set to be introduced this fall, with major brands announcing the latest trends.

(Photo: Getty Images)The first step is to update the look of the women’s pants.

The first line is a mix of traditional and trendy styles.

It features cotton, cotton blend, denim, wool, linen and a silk trim.

It’s a versatile look, with a touch of stretch and ease in the waist.

It also comes in a variety of colors.

The second line is more of a mix.

It comes in classic, slim fit, slim and slim-fit, slim slim-slim, slim-max and slim max. It includes cotton, denim and wool.

It’s a staple look for women who want to feel feminine without breaking the bank.

A slim fit will make the pants more flattering for a more slender frame.

There are also stretch fabrics in the slim max line.

Finally, there are stretch fabrics along the slim-min line.

The third line is the “sexy” version.

It combines the classic with modern trends.

It starts with cotton and blends with silk trim for a relaxed look.

It is available in classic and slim fit.

It has a soft waistband and a soft mesh front pocket for storage.

The fourth line is for more sophisticated women.

It begins with cotton, linen, wool and denim.

It can be worn with or without a mesh front.

It will also have a slim fit and mesh back pocket.

It offers a slim-seam fit and a stretch mesh front and mesh side panels.

Finally there is a mesh-sewn mesh front panel.

To make sure you’re comfortable in the new line, the new silhouettes are also available in a number of new colors.

The slim-fits have a cotton, hemp and silk trim and are available in black, white and red.

The fit is slim and comfortable.

The slims have a soft feel, and the stretch fabrics have a stretchy feel.

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